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The Corben 2IN1 is a multi-functional a tool. It combines a spinal board and a scoop stretcher in one unique tool reduces the victim's handlings with suspicion of trauma.As a scoop stretcher, its 2 separated longitudinal blades will slid under the victim, in compliance of the current standards. Then they will be locked by 2 hoops at each end. Once the victim is placed on the COMBI 2IN1, the rescuers will immobilize her thanks to the design of the product : its concave shape allows a complete immobilisation during the transport. One tool fits all !
Easy, efficient, robust
Easy and Efficient
The COMBI 2IN1 has two longitudinal blades, which will be separated in order to be placed easily under the victim by minimizing mobilisation. The assembly or disassembly will remain really easy during the rescue. The implementation is quick and simple. Its concave shape allows a complete immobilisation. Then the transport of the victim will be easier and safer. Once the victim is placed on the COMBI2IN1, the rescuers will immobilize her. The Rescuers will use a head immobiliser and 3 straps.
Radio-transparent and robust
Made in PEDH, comfortable for the victim. Maximum loading capacity : 300 kg, one of the most important of the market. Thanks to its materials, the COMBI 2IN1 is 100% radio transparent. Floatable, it can be used on water rescues.
Easy hygiene and storage :
The Corben COMBI 2IN1 is made of smooth surface, fully washable and disinfectable. It is also impermeable to all liquids. It fits easily in ambulances and medical vehicles.
Equipped with a set of 3 ABS straps and a quick release buckle. Several head immobilizers are solo available on request.
Technical features
Material : Polyethylene strong and durable
100% X-Ray compatible
L x W x H in cm : 187 x 42 x 5.7 cm
Weight : 8.300 kg ( with 3 straps )
Maximum loading capacity : 300 kg
Warranty : 2 years
Medical device – Class I
EC marking
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2 IN 1 combination.

  • Made of polyethylene.
  • 100% X-Ray compatible
  • Can be used for water rescue.
  • 3 ABS straps, quick release buckle.
  • Complies with EN 1865.
  • CE mark.
  • Made in France.

Accessory: Head immobiliser for Combi 2 in 1.

Product developed by Corben.

Référence : IM06.03.170.UK


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