COMBI 2IN1 Corben

Publié le 17/05/2022

Origin:  Sandra Guerrier, founder of Corben and head of Research & Development for the company, saw the need for health care providers to be able to have the functions of a scoop stretcher and a spinal board in a single product. 

Corben is a specialist in first aid equipment and has been offering robust, durable and cost-effective medical supplies for almost 20 years.

Listening to feedback from health professional clients, Ms. Guerrier heard a need for a single tool that could provide the benefits of both a spinal board and a scoop stretcher.  After extensive research and solid analysis of the products available, it became clear the best way to provide such a product would be for Corben to make such a device themselves.


Creating the “COMBI 2IN1:  Corben has always focused on finding solutions to challenging problems.  They work to address needs and provide product solutions for challenges brought to them by rescuer teams in the field. 

First, Corben analyzed all current options and practices both for immobilization and for lifting.  This study lead Corben to detail the practices currently being used in diverse cases and allowed them to draw up specifications for the R&D engineers.

From the beginning, Corben chose to work with CD Plast Engineering, based in La-Rouche-Sur-Yon.  All the work prior to manufacturing was done together with them.

Corben’s goal was straight forward and ambitious: to combine two functionalities in one device:

-           Allow the safe lifting of a victim

-          Immobilize the victim fully without risking sudden movement.

In addition to saving space in the rescue vehicle, the combination of these two products reduces the victim’s handling and the chance of added trauma.

Three more aspects were carefully studied in Corben’s specifications:  the choice of materials, the compliance to Standards, and an accessible price point.

During Corben’s 6 years of work, we moved from conception to prototyping and finally to industrialization.  The Covid health crisis unfortunately slowed our work.  However, during that time we had some nice surprises:  an increased quality in our R&D partnership and the development of TWO TECHNICAL PATENTS thanks to our partners.



 COMBI 2IN1 Features

100% made in France, the COMBI 2IN1 is a multi-functional tool.  It combines a spinal board and a scoop stretcher in one unique tool.  It is totally X-Ray transparent and has one of the highest loading capacities in the market:  more than 300 kg.

The COMBI 2IN1 is very easy to place under the victim.  Its 2 longitudinal blades separate to slide under the victim, in compliance with current standards.  They then are locked by 2 hoops at each end.

Once the victim is placed on the COMBI 2in1, rescuers are able to immobilize the patient.  Because of the product’s design (a concave shape) there is complete mobilization during transport, making this process both easy and safe.

A head immobilizer has also been developed.  It is specially designed for the COMBI 2IN1 and is designed to stay on throughout use whether it is the requirement is for the immobilization function or the lifting function.


Current Status:  Sales of the COMBI 2IN1 began in spring 2021.  After one year of production, a lot of tests have been run.  Those tests are increasing across France and the feedback is very encouraging.  Sales are already growing and this is happening even in the European market which indicates a good start for the export market.

With the COMBI 2IN1, Corben is working with total commitment to support rescuer’s actions.